About Mr.Th.Stalin Gunasekaran

Name Th.Stalin Gunasekran
Education Qualification B.Sc., B.L.,
Profession Lawyer
  • Chikkaiah Nayak was elected by the students as the student council president of the college.
  • In the same year , he was also selected as the President of the All College Student Council of Periyar District
  • He served as the state president of the All India Students' Congress.
  • He was selected as one of India's representatives and participated in the World Student Youth Conference held in Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union.
  • He received the JC's Award for 'Best Young Speaker'
1989 Awarded 'Outstanding Young Person' by JC's.
2001 Erode Tamil Sangh Council awarded 'Athach Semmal Award'.
  • The Rotary Association's highest award 'For the sake of honour' was given in recognition of his social service.
  • Green City Junior Chamber's 'Top Line Award' was awarded to the best service provider.
  • The 'Best Serviceman Award' was presented by the District Doctors Association.
  • Awarded 'Outstanding Citizen' by Erode JC.
  • The 'Achievement Award' was presented in Coimbatore by the Indian Cultural Friendship Association .
  • Awarded 'Best Writer' by Neyveli Lignite Corporation.
  • Erode North Rotary Association presented the 'Vocational Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements as an author in Tamil Literature'
  • On behalf of the Erode Central Arima Association, the 'Service Semmal Award' was presented.
  • Erode North Arima Association awarded 'Sevai Semmal Award'.
2005 The Erode Supreme Arima Sangam presented the Achievement Award 'Sikaram 2005'
2006 'Achievement Award' presented by Sakthi Devi Foundation of Erode Shakti Masala Company .
  • 'Achievement Award' presented by Erode City Arima Association.
  • Chennai-Sri Ram Bharati Kalai Literary Association awarded 'Bharti Literary Selvar'.
2008 The 'Manita Neyach Semmel Award' was presented by the All India VAUCI Council in Tirupur .
  • Trichy South Regional Board of Continuing Education presented the 'Knowledge Connectivity Award'.
  • On behalf of Thiruvaduthurai Adinam, Adinam was presented with the award of 'Pannool Parapum Baintamich Selvar' in the Adina Sabha.
  • 'Bharti Award' was presented by Trichy District Writers Association.
  • Senturai Semmozhi Tamil Sangam of Perambalur district awarded 'Semmozhichemmal'.
  • 'Malcolm Centenary Education Award' was presented by Trichy South Regional Board of Continuing Education .
  • The Bhavani Reform Society presented the 'Thinking Sculptor' award.
  • Indian Overseas Bank presented the 'Man of Erode' award.
  • Awarded 'Language Guard' by Karur Central Rotary Society.
  • The 'Lifetime Achievement Award' was presented in Salem by the Indian Society for Cultural Friendship (ISCUF).
  • Awarded 'Achievement Award' by Erode-Kasipalayam Government Library Readers Circle.
  • Awarded 'Nul Nesachelvar' by Mettur Father's Foundation.
  • 'Aravanan Achievement' Award was presented by Chennai Aravannan Research Foundation.
  • Trichy S.R. V. On behalf of the school, the 'Social Purpose' award and a gold medal of Rs.20,000 were presented.
  • Erode Kaveri was given 'Service Excellence award' by JCI (Junior Chamber International).
  • CHENNAI - Krishna Sweets Company and Tamil Chamber of Commerce jointly presented the 'Achievement Award'.
  • The University of Coimbatore - Calcutta awarded him an 'Honorary Doctorate' in recognition of his continued social service.
  • Coimbatore - Bharati Basarai, a social welfare organization, was given a 'Bharti Award' with a gold medal of Rs.50,000.
  • The 'Buddhakar Award' was presented by the Periyar Self-Esteem Campaign.
  • On behalf of the Government of Canada, he was awarded a 'Certificate of Appreciation' for his outstanding service to the community.
  • The 'Best Serviceman Award' was given separately by the organizations of New Jersey Chitamishangam, Washington Tamil Sangam and Chicago Tamil Literary Circle in the United States .
  • 'Kalam Education Award' was presented by Trichy - Southern Further Education Group.
  • Namakkal - Namakkal Poet's Think Council gave 'Namakkal Poet Natamil Award'.
  • Vellore - Awarded 'Community Service Semmal' by World Tamil Development Forum.
2016 Thanjavur-District Thiruvaiyaru, 'Olavaik Kotam' was given 'Olavai Virudhu' in recognition of his work in Tamil
2017 Thoothukudi District Kovilpatti Thiruvalluvar Council awarded 'Thiruvalluvar Award'.
  • Sathyamangalam Sri Pannari Amman Education Foundation conferred the title of 'Soko'.
  • Awarded 'Shintanai Selvar' by Pummel Literary Forum, Chennai.
  • 'Bharatiyar Virudhu' was presented by Chennai Bharatiyar Sangh.
2019 On behalf of the Chennai-Sankara Das Swamikal Memorial Forum, he was awarded the 'Drama Quartet' award and the title of 'Sadhanaich Semmal'.

At the age of 10, he started an organization called 'Manavar Munnetra Sangam'. Later he founded and continued to run a youth organization called 'Bharti Yuvadham Manram' with distinction. The organization is proud to witness a silver jubilee. In addition, he founded and ran the organizations 'Bahadsingh Youth Forum' and 'Youth Uprising Movement'. At one point, he united all these organizations and established a non-partisan public welfare organization called 'People's Thought Council' twenty years ago.

The public welfare organization created by him called 'People's Thought Council' is functioning very well in the state wide system with its headquarters at Erode. This movement, based on sociological goals, is creating an upheaval and awareness among students, youth, teachers and the general public.

He is the secretary of fifty years old 'Erodu Tamil Literary Society' (affiliated with Sahitya Akademi), president of Erode District Railway Passengers Welfare Association and other public organizations.

For the past 40 years, he has been delivering lectures on topics of social progress and change such as art, literature, language, history, economics, politics, science, sociology, self-reliance, patriotism, etc. in various parts of the state and other states.

He was entrusted with the entire responsibility of compiling the Golden Jubilee Flower of Freedom on behalf of 'Jiva Mukkam' - a weekly magazine. He went directly to all the northern states and collected many useful new information. The flower has been widely praised as the best flower among the Liberation Gold Festival flowers released in Tamil Nadu.

He went to Patna in 1986 and met the freedom fighter Kalpana in person and spent a week with her and heard her heroic story directly through her. She met Captain Lakshmi, who was the women's corps commander of Netaji's Indian National Army, in 1996 when she went to Kanpur, where she lives, stayed with her for a few days and heard her story first hand. He personally met hundreds of martyrs and collected their historical notes.

His anthology 'National Liberation and Sacrifice Flames' is famous. In addition, his two-part book 'On the Path of History...' was selected as the best Tamil book published in the year 2007 by the Chennai Literary Thought Society and was awarded the 'Literary Thought' prize for that year. His radio speeches have been published as a book under the title 'Mei Abdak Koolidharum'.

He has compiled a huge book titled 'Viduktuy Velviil Tamil Nadu', which has fully collected the role of Tamil Nadu in the freedom struggle. This 1200 page book in two parts was published in 2001. It is significant that he spent six years to prepare this book and published this book himself. To compile this book, he has traveled to many parts of the country and collected many rare messages. He has collected hundreds of rare photographs that have never been published. He is now preparing the third part of this book. He is actively trying to bring all the three parts of this book in Hindi and English. 'Emancipation and Martyrs', 'On the Path of History' (Two Parts), 'Dear Students', 'Sulfur Epics', 'Meivaruttha Kulidharuma', ' Tamil S who made Tamils ​​proud. R. Nathan', 'Sudantra Sudaram', 'Interviews with Stalin Gunasekaran', 'Vivekananda who sowed the seeds of liberation', 'Manithan no death' are his other books.

With the slogan 'Library in every home', 'Don't live in a town without a library' and 'Good books are good friends', he has planned many programs to improve the reading habits of the public and students in a state-wide manner and is implementing them vividly.

To begin with, a new library building was constructed at a cost of 4 lakh rupees on behalf of the People's Thought Council in his hometown Manikampalayam near Eroti and he donated more than 6,000 good books to the library. The ceremony of handing over this library to the government was conducted under the leadership of the District Governor and he made it available as a government library containing thousands of rare books. It is currently functioning as one of the best libraries in the district with over 2,000 members. He also established private libraries in many other parts of the district.

He is the managing director of Tamil Nadu's famous book company 'New Century Book House' and is also the editor of a book-based monthly magazine called 'Mumra Bibriyam'. A regular lecturer in universities and colleges-schools, he has created a healthy impact among the students through his unique speech delivery and other student welfare programs of the People's Thought Council.

He has conducted several training camps for youth to start self-employment and create self-employment. He conducts many student awareness seminars on 'what to study - how to study' for future students.

He has been conducting the Bharti festival in Erode continuously for the past 35 years. For the past 20 years, a scholar selected at the state level has been honored with a 'Bharathiviru' at the Bharathivizha conducted by him on behalf of the People's Thought Council. This festival is being held on a grand scale with a state character.

For the past 20 years, he has been conducting the Appreciation Ceremony for the Government School Teachers of the entire Erode District who make their students pass in the Government General Examination in an exciting manner every year for the past 20 years. In this ceremony, the professors of Nutrugana were excited to receive a plaque of appreciation. Since 2005, for the last 14 years, he has been organizing the state-level biggest book fair in the city of Erode under the name of 'Erodu Book Festival'. Last year (2018) only books worth more than 7 crore rupees were sold in 12 days in this book festival which is held for 12 days in August every year. More than 7 lakh people have visited this book festival. This book festival is run entirely on the basis of social progress without any commercialism and no entry fee.

Apart from these, various social welfare programs are being conducted by his initiative to benefit the people throughout the year.